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Fear And Anxiety In Dental Treatments

Fear and dental treatment go hand in hand. Studies show that approximately 5 to 10 per cent of people experience profound fear and anxiety during dental treatment. As a result of this phobia, they avoid going to the dentist for any reason, which negatively affects their health. Dental problems significantly impact a person's self-esteem and social confidence. The pattern of their subsequent avoidance creates a "vicious loop" of escalating concerns and deteriorating dental health.

Dental Fear and Anxiety

Any stimulus seen as frightening and could cause discomfort or agony will likely cause fear in people. A fear may exceed the symptoms of an anxiety spectrum disorder, such as a specific phobia, when it becomes excessive, goes beyond the proportional response to the external threat, and impairs the person's ability to function.

Anxiety related to dentistry is referred to as dental anxiety. A strong distaste for dental work can cause people to put off getting treatment. The scared emotion only arises when you are confronted with or have to encounter the scenario; it may not always annoy you every day. Dentophobia, on the other hand, refers to a more intense fear feeling.

Dental Phobia

Anxiety disorders like phobias make you feel as though something terrible is about to happen to you. Individuals with dental fear avoid all dental treatment to the point where it affects their daily lives. Because of the extreme nature of the phobia, even thinking about going to the dentist can make one anxious or have panic attacks.

Reasons behind the acquiring of fear and anxiety

The leading causes of dental phobia are fear of the dentist and dentophobia. People who have a phobia of getting dental work typically require extra time, patience, and cooperation from the dentist.

Terrible past experiences

The very cause of dental treatment's fear, anxiety or phobia is any past unpleasant, uncomfortable or painful experience. It can be started from a very early age. Some people may avoid seeing dentists in the future because they are terrified of the sounds made by the equipment they employ or because a previous dentist lacked empathy.

The Pain

Compared to others, some persons have a lower pain threshold. The pain might not hurt them more, but the picture they have made of the pain in their mind is the leading cause of them feeling anxiety or fear.

Feelings of Helplessness and Loss of Control

When anxiety is triggered by a sense of helplessness or lack of control, many people experience phobias. Some people experience discomfort during dental procedures because they cannot see what is happening or anticipate whether it will hurt.


The thinking of someone else going to look into their mouth and might judge is the primary concern of many people, and that has a major hand in the feeling of anxiety. An oral condition that has gone untreated for a while may have made them feel more self-conscious or afraid of hearing bad news.


The feeling of fear, anxiety and dental phobia is indeed irresistible. It has been there in the corner of our heads since childhood. But, for your health and personality development, you need to overcome such feelings of fear and anxiety. Nowadays, many techniques and tools are available because of the medical science development that has made dentistry painless. You must explore such techniques and visit expert dentists like Dr Kamal Odedra regularly to keep your smile healthy and safe.

Dr Kamal Odedra

Dr. Kamal Odedra is the leading Endodontist in Rajkot and Porbandar, India with over 11 years of clinical experience in advanced endodontic treatments. His specialty includes Microscopic Endodontics, Cosmetic, aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry.